Thursday, September 2, 2010

They're Here!!!

I was sitting in the kitchen this afternoon thinking about the Glencliff, all of the plans that I had for it when it occurred to me that the mail should have arrived.  I ran outside to check the box and there it was, my package from Earth and Tree!!  The Glencliff plans are here...yeah!!  I meet with my carpenter on Saturday and he'll be able to give me a better idea of how much it will cost me to cut the pieces (there are over 100!!) and how long it should take him.  I'm so excited and anxious to start!

Other than that, I had a really dull day.  Once again, housework, laundry, bathing the dog, in the way of me working on my dollhouses.  I'm hoping to get a little something done tomorrow though.  We'll see....